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Welcome to Kirimori

Welcome to Morphos Metaphor!

The world of Morphos Metaphor is set in the city of Kirimori, where supernatural events challenge the peace of its residents. Locals stir the rumored sightings of ghosts and shadows at sunset, the police receive monthly reports of missing people, and comatose has become a prevalent case among the patients rushed in most of the city's hospitals.

You are a student in Kirimori City's prestigious institution, Higashimori High School. The school prides itself with its high quality of education, living up to the school's firm belief that the best education can be attained, but only to those who have the potential to succeed.

Kirimori is a place where mystery and illusions embraces the city at night, although, there are no secrets which forever remain hidden, for the Arcana is the means by which all is revealed.

Main Chatroom

Higashimori HS Chatroom
Arcane Court Chatroom
Shadow Arena

This group is open for membership through invitation and referrals only.
Please read the Application and Enrollment journal for more information.

Countdown to End of Chapter 10 Part 2

Countdown ended
Saturday, August 1st @ 8:59am

Thank you for participating!

[URGENT] Hello members! 1 week left to go till the end of the event :) 

8 deviants said And sorry this is so unprofessional hahaha
3 deviants said Reminder guys that this is the last event for MM!
3 deviants said Otherwise...
3 deviants said The ending of MM will be decided from the outcome of this event!
3 deviants said So good luck to everybody~
1 deviant said We are really looking forward to your entries > v <
1 deviant said (And please don't get mad at the ending if you are not successful)
1 deviant said Will help by reducing HPs to half :)


Chapter 10 Final Boss Battle Status


:star: HP: 0 / 12,500 :star:

:star: HP: 0 / 12,500 :star:


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