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Welcome to Kirimori

Welcome to Morphos Metaphor!

The world of Morphos Metaphor is set in the city of Kirimori, where supernatural events challenge the peace of its residents. Locals stir the rumored sightings of ghosts and shadows at sunset, the police receive monthly reports of missing people, and comatose has become a prevalent case among the patients rushed in most of the city's hospitals.

You are a student in Kirimori City's prestigious institution, Higashimori High School. The school prides itself with its high quality of education, living up to the school's firm belief that the best education can be attained, but only to those who have the potential to succeed.

Kirimori is a place where mystery and illusions embraces the city at night, although, there are no secrets which forever remain hidden, for the Arcana is the means by which all is revealed.

Main Chatroom

Higashimori HS Chatroom
Arcane Court Chatroom
Shadow Arena

This group is open for membership through invitation and referrals only.
Please read the Application and Enrollment journal for more information.


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Erkaz Featured By Owner Edited Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just want to say I love this group even though I rarely appear here, the galleries are sweet treat for my eyes, and the members are very friendly, but more importantly, you all made Yukihana the person she is now. Thank you.
And that said, I will never leave this group (unless you all kicked me of course) :love:

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lightmage43 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
Can I join if  that  is allowed? Are commissioning people allowed?  Not confident in my art skills at the moment.
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xX-LostDataFox-Xx Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
M...My god, I had no idea a group like this even existed! 
(Well anymore, I've seen one's but they were all dead to my knowledge!)
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Snow-the-Wanderer Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014
Can't know the woods for the trees, maybe?

I always wanted to be more active in this group.
It just seemed like every time I wanted to come back into the group and be more active, somebody else had left - and for those of you thinking this massive post is yet another member going the way of the dodo, I'll say right from the start it's not. It's not a slam on those of who you left either, whether it's RL or whatever else your reasons are good - your personal happiness should always be placed above all else.

Maybe it's more of a lament.
The new members who wanted to join want to enjoy it in the now - are eager to make good experiences and memories, but the older members lament a time when things were more active, or when they were RPing with someone else, and the members older than them go through the same thing - it's something that happens in every group I suppose.
Maybe I'm kicking myself over the lost chance to rp with the guys gone, or the times when I maybe could've made it to those chat events.

I will also say that people seperating into groups or cliques is unfortunately a fact of life. It's going to happen irrespective of the person, or place - whether it's an RP group or something in real life. I'm still amused to recall that when I helped out at a charity store even the old lady's who worked there, very clearly - had a clique. And equally clearly two old lady's were always left out of it. Even age is irrevelant - it's a subset of bonding or being friends with people, we'll all just naturally gravitate towards those we like best. The best anyone can offer in those circumstances is remember the little guy left out - the shy person, the awkward introvert - and try to bridge the gap and be inclusive to them.
Maybe having two sisters who have the sames hobbies and interests as me helps me be more aware of it - when I'm invited to something and they aren't, or they want to be greeted the same way as me and they aren't (not necessarily comments about this group).
I for one will say I was always impressed by how much the mods commented on everyone's art. I'll also say I never really knew the mods of other RP groups at all! Morphos Metaphor is special. It was the first group ever that reminded me, you don't have to be popular to get to know the mods or RP with the amazing artists of the group. That had events that actively involved everyone in potential storylines. I'm sure other RP groups existed that did that, but for me - Morphos was the first, and so I'll always appreciate it for that.

For the mods who felt their hard work went unnoticed it never was - and all the little pieces you contributed helped to create a bigger whole. It's funny how invested you can get in groups - after a while all you want to think about is creating a new character with this personality, or drawing this or that etc.
I just wanted to say that no matter what happens, I'm seeing it through to the end. Your events are fun and help me do something I always plan for in every group but never really have the chance to do - which is think about my character's growth.

Maybe I'm only seeing one side to Morphos Metaphor and there's a deeper darker underbelly lurking. But all of life is based on perception, and what I saw - which may well be limited - was an open and warm family. As they say, ignorance is bliss, right?
All I can tell you is that you helped make a home and safe haven for various people - a place where you could finally do what you've always wanted to do in an RP group.

Keep up your spirits.
Remember that it never went unnoticed.
And thank you for all your hard work.

All of you.
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MirageV Featured By Owner Edited Aug 14, 2014
I was barely 16 years old when I started my journey. Leaving my mountain village and setting out for the rest of the world...I was merely Rank One then. A sprout with so much to learn, whose roots haven't taken hold. But I was enthusiastic. My energy was boundless. I was fearless, I felt ready to take on the world.

...And yet...

The world was not so kind. I learned that beyond the bounds of my mountain village, there was evil everywhere I looked. So much evil, and yet...what was I to do? The only think I knew possible. I drew my sword and sold myself to the cause of vanquishing evil. All in the name of god, with my sights set on the fabled....Rank Ten.

With blade in hand, and staunch allies at my back, I carved my own path. I felt pain, loss, anguish, and despair at times. But I also felt joy, success, love, and camaraderie with my dear friends. As long as we were together, there was no evil force on this planet that could stop us. No force that would break through our power!

Accomplishment after accomplishment, our Ranks steadily increased. Rank One....Rank Two....Rank Three...Rank Four...Soon our accomplishments caught the ears of higher powers. ...And this is where our journey began to fall apart.

Evil forces of powers greater than we'd ever seen before began to target us in droves. Even with our backs to the wall, we fought. We fought with everything we had, and yet.....and yet....some of us would fall.

...Rank Five...

Another day, another fierce sortie. Another ally lost.

...Rank Six...

Time has passed and eventually...eventually we discover that there was a traitor among us. One who had been telling the forces of darkness our deepest secrets. An investigation unfolds and we eventually unmask the turncoat. Another ally who had turned their back on us.

...Rank Seven...

Our numbers are dwindling. The outlook is bleak. Our supplies are low, and our stamina is wavering. How much sleep have we lost? I can no longer tell. But despite this, we must up our strength and beat back the dark ambush. No matter how great our effort was...we lost another dear friend this day.

...Rank Eight...

We make the journey towards the fortress of absolute darkness. The one place that no one thought would ever be reachable. And yet, here we are. A small attachment, making out way to the very heart of evil. The journey is long and arduous. Filled with danger at every turn. ....We lose more allies this day.

...Rank Nine...

There is no one else. I am the only one left. I stand here, before the king of all evil. My blade is drawn. My allies are all departed. My body is battered. My will is wavering. And yet....and yet. I know that this is the end.

...The end for me.

I close my eyes and I think back to the good old days. I think back to how I aspired to reach the fabled... Rank Ten...How I attain it, with allies at my back, and with pride in my heart.

But I stand alone.

And it is here and now, that I come to realize that reaching Rank Ten is an impossible dream. A fantasy built upon the bodies of those who had sacrificed everything, reaching out for that dream.

...I know now, that Rank Ten is not my dream.

My dream was, and has always been to be with my friends.

...And I know they are waiting for me. I know with great certainty that they are standing at the end of the road, waiting for my arrival.

And so, with a weight lifted from my shoulder, and pride in my heart, the light flashes, and I know that I have moved on to a better place.

I walk that road alone, and eventually, I reach the end. There they are. My dearest friends and allies. Waiting for me just as I knew they would be.

One extends a hand.

I take it.

"We've been waiting for you, you know?"

"Sorry to have kept you waiting, my friends. Now...let's go."

Truly, I have attained the most important thing of all.

And it was never Rank Ten.
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Defying-Destiny Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I shall make this short, as it is difficult...and I left something on the stove :iconsaluteplz:

Though I haven't been here as long as many of you, nor been acquainted with most, it saddens me to say that I shall be leaving MM due to personal reasons. Ace is also joining me in our departure, due to the growing stress of real life events and other causes. This was our first RP group and we are grateful to have been a part of it. We've met so many wonderful people here and had at least one good laugh with you guys.....yep, just one.......:iconderpplz:

J/K we had many good times of course! Our characters will continue to live on and anyone is welcome to talk to us via Skype or through our lil' old DA accounts~

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Lijon Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
Haitus from MM!

Thank you all for the fun times! I'm needing a healthy break from MM to deal with life. Kinda typed up a wall, but to prevent clogging up the profile it's in stash!
Death-by-Papercuts Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014

We greet you and seek alliance with your Affiliation! Please accept us :icona-gents: into your humble abode!

Ninja-Artist-Zero Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hopefully this group opens up soon for app. I'm ready to give my OC another try here when the time comes
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TheArashi Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Student General Artist
'ey Guys,

Totally out of the blue, and at a really random time, but I'm having my characters try to start a school swim club. Anyone interested? Please be absolutely sure if you reply.
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