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Submitted on
October 23, 2011


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Application and Enrollment

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 23, 2011, 3:53 AM
Enrollment Status

:bulletgreen: Guidelines for referrals and applicants are added below.

Character Creation

Application Sheet

Student Application sheets by BEERINGS

:bulletred: SWORDS :bulletred: | :bulletgreen: WANDS :bulletgreen: | :bulletblue: CHALICES :bulletblue: | :bulletyellow: PENTACLES :bulletyellow:


Character Name: Name should be in the first name, last name format, even for Japanese students.
Character Image: Image should show the character's front view image. It can be any pose as long as it shows a full view of the character.
Arcana and Rank: Put the Arcana Name and Roman Numeral. It should fall under the appropriate Suit. New characters should start from RANK 1.
Evoker and Weapon: Put the image of the Cellphone Evoker and Weapon in the space provided.


Persona Name: Indicate the name of your chosen Persona. It must fall under the appropriate Suit and Arcana.
Persona Image: Image should show the Persona's front view. It should show at least half of the Persona's image.
Arcana: Put the Arcana Name only. The Persona's Arcana can differ from the Character's Arcana as long as it falls under the same Suit.
Attributes: Place the appropriate Attributes of your chosen Persona from the Compendium. The starter Personae are the ones under RANK 1 of each Suit.
Skill Set: Include your Persona's Skill Set, following the rules on Skill Sets.

Character Biography

Full Name:
Name should be in this order: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name.
This applies even to Japanese names.

First Year = 14 - 15, Second Year = 16 - 17, Third Year = 18 - 19. These are the suggested ages.
If you wish to place a younger or older age, make sure that it makes sense to the character background story.

Height and Weight: For height, indicate in ft'in" (cm). For weight, indicate in lbs.

Gender: Male or Female

Year Level:
Please indicate whether your character is in Year One, Two, or Three, and if your character is a foreign exchange or transfer student.

Include the weapon and the following information: a) How they acquired the weapon, b) How they managed to use the weapon.

There are 20 Major Arcana available for the students. Each Arcana holds a certain symbolism and meaning. Refer to the Persona Compendium for more information.

Arcana Rank:
Start at Rank 1.

Choose among Swords, Wands, Chalices, and Pentacles.

We accept Japanese and foreign students.

Include at least 3.

Include at least 3.

Be detailed about the personality. Bullet form or a short paragraph form is acceptable.

Include at least 5.

Include at least 5.

Note: We like to see balanced, realistic, and believable strengths and weaknesses. Make sure that the Strengths and Weaknesses complement each other!

Write a brief, detailed, well-balanced history for your character.
Strictly 200 words.
You can provide a longer version of the history in a separate link, but it is optional.

This is optional. Put at least 3 fun facts or important information about your character.

Roleplay Sample:
Include a sample of your roleplaying style, having your character introduce himself to the other characters in his or her class.

Application Guidelines

:bulletorange: This group will only accept applications through member referrals only. This means that applicants must be backed by a currently existing member of the group.

:bulletorange: To apply, send a note to the group with the link to your completed Application Sheet, along with the necessary information, and the name of the member who referred you to the group.

:bulletorange: Satisfactory applications that are sent in will be accepted every two weeks, if there are any. Rejected applications can improve and apply again for the next time period.

:bulletorange: When a referred applicant is successfully accepted into the group, both the applicant and the existing member who referred the applicant will receive 1 :star: each.

:bulletorange: When a referred applicant is rejected, the referring existing member will receive no penalties.

Submission Format

This is the format for the note to be submitted to the group for applications.

Character Name: --
Gender: --
Year Level: --
Arcana and Persona: --
Link to Application Sheet: --
Referred By: --

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